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Bathroom Trend Watch: Modern Farmhouse

For those that like mixing the old and new, the modern farmhouse look is one to consider. It's become especially popular in kitchens and baths. We'll break down the components that make up this warm and inviting bathroom.

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Three Kitchen Makeovers

Choose your favorite cabinets, countertops, backsplash, faucet, and decor to create a kitchen that shows off your personality.

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How to Install Kitchen Cabinets

Learning how to install kitchen cabinets might seem like a big task but with some common tools and general do-it-yourself know-how, you won’t need to hire a pro to do the work. Calm any fear of the job by thinking of it as simply attaching some boxes next to each other along your wall and floor.

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How to Patch and Repair Drywall

There are several ways to fix surface defects on your walls. Learn to patch and repair drywall..

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Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling 

Browse our gallery of photographs to find ideas and inspiration to remodel your bathroom.

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How to Lay Tile: DIY Floor Tile Installation

A tile floor adds style to any room. It's also durable, easy to clean and a project you can take on with confidence. Learn how to install and grout tile.

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How to Install a Toilet 

Do you have an old toilet that needs to be replaced? A new toilet will look better and can help save money on water bills.

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